0.0.1 - Godot 2D Platformer (jumpa)

Been testing out Godot again after their 3.0 release. Looking back, it's been about a year or more since I used Godot, and things seem a LOT more usable now. Some things felt broken or just kinda janky in the 2.1 releases, but it's obvious that a lot of people worked hard to polish things up.

Been testing out some 2D platformer stuff, building maps with tilemaps, controlling a kinematic 2d player rather than tweaking physics values all day. It's nice. I think I have a good base for a decent feeling character, just needs a little tightening up. (just realized (and tweeted) that I accidentally left in quad jump. I was checking to see that I could easily define the number of jumps, and left it at 4 by accident. 🤷‍♂️


jumpa_0.0.1_osx.zip 25 MB
Feb 04, 2018
jumpa_0.0.1_win.zip 9 MB
Feb 04, 2018

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